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x5s gimbal

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    Blew my 2nd high pay film job! Please chime in.

    Let me start by saying to our fine moderator that I know this has been posted before (once even by me), but as I am now considering legal action against DJI I hope you will allow me this moment. This is about the mysteriously and relatively new issue of x5s gimbal drift. Most of us in most...
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    X5s gimbal will not yaw with Cendence wheel after landing gear raised

    So I go my Cendence controller and everything seems to work fine except on thing. After the landing gear is raised, the gimbal will not yaw using the front right wheel. If it is on the ground (running or not) the gimball will rotate using the wheel and I can use the back button (c4??) to bring...
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    Olympus 9mm - 18 mm and Gimbal Hum

    I notice that when I turn on the I2, once the gimbal settles there is a large vibration and hum for about 10 seconds. Coincidentally there is no live picture being sent to the app during that time. Then the sound and vibration stop the the exact moment I get a live picture. Here is a quick...
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    X5S Gimbal 2nd remote automatically moves back in middle position

    Hi, I´ve got a problem with the gimbal in dual mode. The Gimbal always moves back to the middle position in pan when I move it right or left with the slave remote. Any Idea what this problem could cause? Could not find any possibilities in the settings. All the software is upgraded. THX