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  1. Mark Titcombe

    X5S Video settings

    Can anyone recommend some settings to get the best looking video footage from the X5S? I dont have the licences so I will be using H264 or H265. Thanks in advance. Mark
  2. S

    SAMPLE images and videos

    I'm close to deciding to but an Inspire 2 and X7 camera, I just need to see some RAW photo files first. Lets use this thread for sharing sample RAW photos and video files shot with the new X7 camera system! Can anyone show me a RAW photo file or 2 so I can make sure I will be happy with the...
  3. A

    Differences in focusing between Stills and Video? Olympus 12mm

    Hi All, Just back from a practice flight on a nice sunny day. As a pro-photographer, but newbie pilot, I was excited to see what the video and stills looked like with good light. Having been impressed with the sharpness of the 12mm Olympus on the X5S at the wider apertures on murky days, I was...
  4. K

    h.264 vs h.265 - Realistic differences

    From what I have researched so far, the major improvement between h.264 and h.265 is the greater efficiency by which the same level of detail from a h.264 video is 40-50% smaller in file size when recorded in h.265. Simple enough - file sizes will decrease whilst maintaining image quality or...
  5. C

    10-15 frames dropped between video files?

    As you may or may not know, the X5 will split your video into 2 files once you record more than 4.2GB (~9minutes 20 seconds of 4K video). I noticed when I was looking at some client files this week that when the camera creates a new file it drops around half a second of the video, or about 10-15...
  6. dronie

    Comparison video X5 vs. X5R

    I've had the X5 since launch, but as my friend bought the X5R we thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison video flying the two cameras under the same lighting conditions and inform you guys about the X5R workflow which is radically different from the X5. Specs: X5 - Oly...
  7. dronie

    Focus issues with video DLOG/CINE - out of focus. VIDEO

    Focus issues with your X5? I have calibrated my lens (Oly 12mm) over and over and checked focus is ok when shooting photos. But as soon as you shoot video in DLOG or CINE, something weird happens. Attached is a JPG (f/6.3) - close, but not the sharpest aperture but serves the purpose here -...