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  1. Simon Mallin

    UK ANO 2016 v PFAW/PFCO

    I've been studying the UK CAA consultation document for the safe use of drones which prompted me to once again check the regulations set out in ANO 2016 parts 94 & 95. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that on some counts the regulations are less strict when hobby flying sub 7kg drones...
  2. B

    UK Built Up Areas Risk Assessment

    Hello. I have been qualified and in receipt of PfCO for about a year and have been flying the easy jobs until now. I have just had a request to fly within a built up area. Can you guys advise how best to deal with this from a UK CAA point of view? I cannot maintain 50 metres of separation from...
  3. S

    UK PFAW renewal, flight hours

    Quick question. With the changeable weather it hasn't been easy to get out recently. I have done simulator practice as a last resort (along with real flying whenever I can). With the renewal and logbooks, is simulator time valid when you have no choice as well as real flights? I remember ages...
  4. Phil-RCGeeks

    UK RUSTA course + 5% discount from RC Geeks

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know, if your looking to get qualified in the UK, we've partnered with RUSTA so if you sign up with them, we can offer you a 5% discount on your first order, no matter how big or small :) More details here: RUSTA CAA UAS Training Programme - RC Geeks Blog
  5. A-SCOTT85

    UK UK Pilot travelling to Miami, USA

    Hi all, I am a NQE qualified CAA PFAW authorised drone pilot based in the UK. I have filming job (normal camera not aerial camera) coming up in Miami, USA and there is a small UAS filming requirement in the brief. Here are some other elements in the equation: Technically i'm not "working" in...
  6. Scotflieger

    UK CAA Warns Estate Agents

    This is an interesting report on the UK CAA warning Estate Agents with the threat of hefty £5000 fines for using amateur drone flyers to take aerial photographs of properties instead of those holding PFAW. Progress at last. Aviation safety chiefs warn estate agents over drone photographs -...
  7. Tim

    UK Where can I fly?

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide a management summary of UK UAV law. I've tried to keep it simple (idiot/manager proof) but if any of you kind soles would take 2 minutes to read and comment, I'd be very grateful. I'm really not keen to give duff information. Can I fly my drone? This...
  8. A

    UK Renewing PFAW with the CAA

    Hello First of all apologies if the relevant information is posted in another thread, im having a hard time finding what i need. Im coming up to the time to renew my PFAW and would like to do so directly through the CAA as I dont feel like handing over money to EuroUsc if I dont really need...
  9. A

    UK Definition of Surveillance

    Hi all, Having been issued a PFAW, with all the mandated stand-offs, etc. and then reading the exemptions for FPV, as well as guidance for flying in congested cities and towns; I'm feeling that the rules and regs. are pretty subjective. In particular, I've been questioning what the term...