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part 107

  1. Stuart Covey

    USA Recertification Test

    So I'm due to recertify my Part 107 by Sep 1st and I had a quick question some of you might have some knowledge on. I still have access to my initial training course I purchased through Drone Pilot Ground School. I know the recertification test is slightly different than the initial test, so do...
  2. SilkyMilky

    USA LAANC Authorizations in Active Regions

    Greetings, Has anyone used AirMap, Kittyhawk, etc to receive clearance to fly in a restricted airspace under the new LAANC program? It doesn't become active in my region until later this summer, so I was curious to get some feedback on it. Is it as easy as it's played up to be on the...
  3. Force Aerial

    USA I got caught between needing a sport pilot license and 107

    Get a sport pilots license or wait for the FAA? This was the big question about two years ago when we decided to take the leap to establish Force Aerial. I decided to go for the pilots license. If I could get my airman certificate before the FAA came up with a more streamlined approach to the...
  4. heygeorge

    USA Commercial part 107 Pilots

    I knew this is a problem we would run across, but I didn't know just how rampant it was. I've been doing a lot of commercial real estate shoots, but came across a farm for sale. When I offered my services, I find out the guy who does the interior shots overs "drone shots" for an additional...
  5. William Gaddy

    USA A vexing problem re Part 107.

    So a hypothetical scenario popped into my head, and after going through the Part 107 AC, the part 107 rules themselves, and even the entire Federal Register discussion with respondent notes, I am still terribly vexed on this one. Let's say I'm an owner/operator (in the aircraft sense), with a...
  6. C

    USA Flying near airport-- part 107

    working on studying for my PIC exam. Looking at Part 107 5.8.1 it would appear that we do not have to notify an airport located in Class G airspace of operations any longer. Thus eliminating the infamous 5 mile rule. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I can certainly appreciate that notifying a...
  7. R

    USA FAA Part 107

    Well it seems like the new Part 107 will permit just about anyone to fly for $$. Instead of the required pilots license it seems you just need to pass a written exam. I can't help but feel that this will have a negative effect on the business end for those of us that are flying under 333. I for...