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matrice 600 pro

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    NO LONGER AVAILABLE…TB48S batteries, TB47S batteries, new Hex Parallel Multicharger, Pelican Air case, $950 or best offer

    Hi, available for sale; Sixteen TB48S batteries, Three TB47S batteries, a brand new Hex multicharger, and Pelican Air carryon size case with foam inserts for all items. Batteries show remaining capacity of 75% to 100% based on DJI's single long press of battery button. The multicharger is...
  2. J

    Drop kit

    I just purchased a Matrice 600 pro. The drop kit is manual. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to make it release at the last way point of a mission instead. So if I lose service on the controller ot will still drop
  3. C

    Landing gear calibration problem

    Recently I noticed one leg wouldnt raise and was stuck in the landing position. Thinking it was a stuck servo I manually raised and lowered it and now it moves again. The problem comes now when I tried to recalibrate the landing gear. I start the drone and it gives me a green flashing light...
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    One GPS Module blinking in DJI Assistant and having red blinking light

    Hello M600 Pro experts, could you please explain me, what is the reason GPS2 is blinking in DJI Assistant, and on the GPS module itself the small LED blinks red? Thank you so much in advance for your help. Here you can see what I mean...
  5. V

    Matrice 600 Pro

    Used M600P, has 96 hours works like new. just moving to a different platform or I’d still be using this one every day. Can’t beat it. The m600 pro is like a farm truck, it does everything you need and keeps going. Our daily user has over 120 hours and still works like new. Can bundle with...
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    New Matrice 600 Pro

    We acquired this unit directly from DJI and it was a backup that we never needed. It has never been activated. So you could probably get refresh on this unit. Comes with a GPC case and two remotes. No batteries. I can give shipping quotes. Can bundle with a Gremsy T3, FLIR vue pro...