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matrice 210

  1. R

    Brand new, very smart hard case for M200 M210 v1 v2 for sale.

    I have a brand new, unused hardcase for the DJI 200/210 that I do not need so I am looking for a new owner. Everything fits in!! It has two levels. Look at all the images to understand how smart this case is. This is the best case design in the market for transporting the DJI Matrice 200/210...
  2. V

    Livestream Matrice 210

    What are some options to livestream from a Matrice? Unlike all the other dji products there’s no live-streaming option from the app.
  3. S

    Autopilot softwares that work in Crystal Sky

    Hello, I just purchased a DJI Matrice 210 with Crystal Sky. What autopilot softwares are available that work on Crystal sky? I am new to this but doesn't DJI doesn't have its own autopilot app that works on crystal sky? Please advice. Thanks
  4. J

    About to buy a Matrice 210 for surveying.

    Hello I am about to buy a Matrice 210 + X5S camera, and I am planning to use it for Surveying. I have already bought a GNSS system to perform Ground Control Points. Is the Matrice 210 adequate for the job? Does anyone have any experience using Matrice 210 for surveying?
  5. Aerial-Pixel

    Matrice 210 Dimensions Needed

    Hey guys anyone with a Matrice 210 out there? If so I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the diameter of the carbon fiber arms and landing gear. I have a client that wants some 3D printed strobe mounts for their 210RTK that is supposed to be delivered next Friday. The 210 is on my...
  6. Gregg Smith

    M600 Pro or M-210

    Looking at moving from a more Film / TV service provider to an Industrial service provider doing tower inspections, utility line inspections, pipeline inspections, Search & Rescue, etc... I'm wondering if I should get the new M-210 or go with a M-600 Pro. I like the extra level of...