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  1. V

    M600 Battery Travel Cases, Hex Chargers, TB47S and/or TB48S batteries( low cycles) - Northern CA/SF Bay

    For Sale Location: Ukiah California. I prefer to sell to customer in SF Bay or Northern California so I can deliver or have you pick up. I have 3 DJI M600 Battery Travel cases. Each case loaded with 2 hex chargers and 18 batteries. One case has a mix of TB47S and TB48S batteries. All batteries...
  2. TAMedia

    Looking to buy M600 Pro

    Hello, I'm looking to buy an M600 Pro if anyone knows of any for sale. Preferably in the USA. Thanks
  3. J

    Canon ME20 on Matrice 600 Pro

    Hi all, I have a film project coming up that requires night filming and production wants to use the Canon ME20, their 4,000,000 ISO camera. My thought was to mount it to my M600/Ronin-MX combo. Interesting thing with the ME20 is that it doesn't have any internal memory storage, so I have to run...
  4. SilkyMilky

    USA Experience flying in DJI "Restricted Zone"?

    Hello, I fly commercially in the US, and was looking to see if anyone has flown in a DJI Geo-Zone "Restricted Zone". These zones are shown in red on this map DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography. They require special unlocking from DJI to fly there. I...
  5. SilkyMilky

    M600 Defaulting to ATTI Mode During Flight

    Hello, We've been having a recurring issue with our M600 where it will default itself back into ATTI mode shortly after take off on each flight. This is an issue because we're attempting to do mapping work using Ground Station Pro, and when it snaps into ATTI mode it will abandon its mission...
  6. SilkyMilky

    M600 Control Malfunction w/ Ground Station Pro App

    Twice now, I've had Ground Station Pro give me a good scare with two near-flyaways. The first occurred with a Phantom 4 Pro a few weeks ago on a way point mission, and the second time today with our M600 on a mapping grid flight. Both instances occurred shortly after take off at an altitude of...
  7. SilkyMilky

    Sony A7R Image Geotags?

    Hello, We just purchased a Sony A7R with the intention of using it for mapping purposes on our M600. We plan on using Ground Station Pro, but we want ensure that we are going to be able to get geotags of images taken during the mission. I naievely figured that the geotagging would be done by...
  8. SilkyMilky

    X5R for photogrammetry work

    Hello, Some context for the following. We're in the process of starting a new UAV photogrammetry group to compliment our survey group at a smaller engineering firm in the states. The equipment we have was purchased prior to me and my colleague being hired, so we had no say in the current setup...
  9. Gregg Smith

    M600 Pro with Dual Camera Gimbal Mount

    Found this today and thought I'd share. I hadn't seen anything like this in the past and helps me with identifying potential solution for dual camera like an XT and Z30 flying together to do inspections. DJI Matrice M600 Pro Dual Camera Video of it here -
  10. I

    Matrice M600 for sale

    Hey guys, Our company bought two of these so we would have a backup in case we needed it, but we've decided to part ways with the second system that was never built. There's a lot of accessories and a case included, so please feel free to have a look if you're interested. Brand New - DJI M600...
  11. droneshop

    M 600 In Canada with cases

    Anyone from Canada looking to get into the M600, I have now built a few including a couple with Flir Vue Pro R cameras and x5 gimbals. We have the Microraptor cases as well. Will be posting a build thread to help out with your builds after the next one. Looking into inverted camera mount as...