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  1. M

    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Zenmuse X3 With DJI Guidance

    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Has Zemuse X3, DJI Guidance Obstacle Avoidance, and 4 Batteries Comes with: 1x Matrice 100 (V2 model with updated frame) 1x DJI Lightbridge Remote (Inspire 1/Matrice 100 Version) 1x Zemuse X3 Gimbal Camera (12MP 4K camera) 1x DJI Guidance Unit (obstacle...
  2. goldeneagler1

    X3 no image transmission signal

    Hey y'all, I've seen a couple of posts similar to mine that ultimately end up with sending the drone and the gimbal to DJI repair, but I just want to exhaust all my options before doing so. I have a post over at forum.dji.com, but these forums look a little more active and helpful, so apologoies...
  3. S

    Matrice 100 firmware update bricked the device

    Hi, I have a DJI Matric 100 and yesterday I tried updating its firmware to version 1.3.1. At first I tired updating with Assistant V2 using a pc, and everything was going fine until it failed with "connection error" and started beeping and the pc wont recognize the device anymore. In Device...
  4. C

    Matrice 100 Serial Protocol (from UART)?

    I'm trying to get useful serial data from the M100 via the UART output. I successfully connected the included UART cable to the TX/RX/GND on my Arduino, matched the baud rate of the M100, and see data coming from the M100 on my serial monitor. The problem is it's an overwhelming stream of...