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  1. F

    Gimbal control settings error

    Hello... We have purchased a matrice 300rtk with one zenmuse p1 and a zenmuse l1. Everything work fine with the zenmuse p1. But we have some trouble using the zenmuse l1. We can access to camera and gimbal setting. Can this, be related with the microSD card not working on zenmuse l1 ? We...
  2. D

    timestamp export file

    hi, I need the gimbal information and rtk data to calculate camera positions. I exported the timestamp file of the matrice 300 but can't seem to find any information on the attributes shown in the txt file. could anyone help me with that? thanks in advance Daan
  3. goldeneagler1

    X3 no image transmission signal

    Hey y'all, I've seen a couple of posts similar to mine that ultimately end up with sending the drone and the gimbal to DJI repair, but I just want to exhaust all my options before doing so. I have a post over at forum.dji.com, but these forums look a little more active and helpful, so apologoies...
  4. D

    M600 w/ Sony A7R

    Is anyone using the M600Pro with the Sony A7R? I'm interested to learn what gimbal people are using. I've heard the Ronin MX requires adding extra weight and can be tricky to balance properly in order to produce smooth video with the smaller cameras like the A7.
  5. Roconnor

    Question on Advanced Settings for X5S

    After reading the manual I cannot find any explanation of advanced settings for +EXP, Smoothness, Pitch/Yaw speeds etc. Is there an article on this? I spent about an hour looking for this info and cant find it. I'm also looking for recommended gimbal settings for speeds to give a "cinema like"...
  6. R

    Balancing the Olympus 9mm- 18mm?

    So I am looking for advice. I bought the rear balancing wieght ring works for tilt balance, but only if I add 2 quarters taped to the back which balances perfectly, but then the tilt is still very off. I have found that 2 additional quarters gaffer taped to the gimbal motors is the perfect...
  7. H

    X5 Gimbal Disconnected mid flight

    Hi, we use and inspire 1 pro at work and whilst out with it the other day the gimbal kept 'disconnecting' mid-flight, the inverted commas are because we still got a view through to both me (the pilot) and the camera operator and he could also still control the direction of the camera with the...
  8. P

    matrice100 crashed

    Hi, My Matrice 100 crashed today badly, and lost his Motor3 (broken). Apart from that, his gimbal's carbon rod broke into 2. Later, when I tested it Gimbal seems to be moving as per the instructions. I could see the sensor working. I want to fix that gimbal. Do you have any suggestions of how...
  9. J

    X5R camera movement sticking on pans

    Hi Gang, New problem with the Inspire X5R. we are doing testing today because we have not flown in a month. Went to turn the gimbal and every 45 degrees or so it sticks making the footage not smooth in it's movements. It sticks over and over. I disconnect the camera and reinstall it to the...
  10. A

    Matrice 100 Zenmuse X3 gimbal not working

    Hello there, I am new to DJI's products but I am not new to quadcopters. We recently bought a Matrice 100 copter with a Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera. I am able to connect everything up and I currently receive live camera footage on the DJI Pilot App on my tablet, but I am not able to get a...
  11. zaveraj

    Landing gear & 360 motion

    What kind of angles are people getting with the X3/X5 cameras before the picture is obstructed by the non-retracting landing gear. Any ideas on a landing gear / gimbal mod ???
  12. T

    X5 No Signal error help please!

    Hi! Newbie here (to inspires). Ok I've got an odd situation. Got my inspire pro used as a gift about 6 weeks ago. It's been perfect until I did the most recent firmware update (abt 2 weeks ago) with success and did all 4 of my batteries. A few days later I got a no signal error after several...
  13. S

    X5R - Gain & expo tuning settings.

    Hi! I just updated my Inspire 1 X3 to X5R. When I fly with the drone, it is extremely sensitive in the gimbal. I would be super happy if someone wants to share some information about this. What Gain & expo tuning shall i have? As well , anyone else who has the same problem as me? The...
  14. MacDyver

    Seeking X5 Gimbal repair not replacement!

    So while filming n.o.e. at high speed to give the illusion of a vehicle moving quickly I clipped a palm tree, yes pilot error. Afterward the gimbal would only shake like an alcoholic with epilepsy, no outward signs of damage but I could now feel friction in gimbal rotation, Scorpion Drones in...
  15. D

    Inspire X5 gimbal bent

    My X5 gimbal got bent as showed in the pic (didn't realize it, turned it on again and the gimbal worked normal, just got orientated to the side app showing evrything normal), seems like the plastic protection of the gimbal engine is somehow misplaced but I couldn't figure it out without...