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  1. AeroDroneImagery

    X5S with Olympus 14-42mm II - Issues?

    I recently outfitted my I2 with the X5S and am using the Olympus series lenses. Been having the following issues... Using the 17mm fixed Olympus (DJI listed compatible) lens, the X5S gimble motors would sound like they were still working after initialization for about 3-5 seconds, then stop...
  2. V

    Livestream Matrice 210

    What are some options to livestream from a Matrice? Unlike all the other dji products there’s no live-streaming option from the app.
  3. Jason Woodcock

    XT Camera not recording to SD card !! Arghhhhhhhh!

    Good Morning All (Dependant on where you are!) I have had the Thermal XT 19mm 646/512 since it was released and have used it for SAR and TV work. Never had any issues until today! I am able to record and take images BUT these are only recorded on the app and are not recording on the SD card...
  4. We Talk UAV

    USA Where are the New Drone Business Opportunities?

    The new drone business and autonomous vehicles business opportunities may not be in the vehicle itself. The marketplace for commercial drones is starting to become a red ocean and that makes it more and more difficult to come up with a product that stands out (apart from unfortunate hoaxes, like...
  5. We Talk UAV

    Drone Photogprahy: Night Cityscape Tutorial

    Shooting the city landscape at night can provide some real challenges. Vibrations of drone, exposure setting and the tiniest of movements can make or break a good shot. Therefore, it is always a good idea to see what basics you may be missing as well as explore what type of angles work best when...
  6. U

    Costs for cover??

    Can everyone give me an idea of policies and costs they have for insuring Drones (Inspire 1 X5 and Mavic Pro). Trying to work out the average for business plan. Thanks,
  7. J

    Crashed our Inspire X5R

    Hi gang, I thought it might be helpful to post this. We were flying Oregon dunes filming a model on motorcycle. My pilot had the cycle turn abruptly and in staying away from the rider we ditched it into the dunes. We were clipping along pretty good when it hit some pretty hard sand. When we...
  8. F

    Zenmuse X5 Gimbal Noise w/ Panasonic 15mm

    Hello fellow pilots, New DJI inspire 1 pro pilot here. I hope some of you can help me with this question I am facing... I started using the Panasonic Leica 15mm F/1.7 lens with my inspire 1 pro. At first, I didn't know I need to put a balancing ring to go with it, so the gimbal vibrated like...
  9. L

    DJI Zenmuse X5R Review

  10. L

    X5R Flickering...Uh Oh

    Anyone else experienced it yet? ISO 100 looking at the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Will post a video shortly. Say it ain't so...it's pretty bad. X5 bad.
  11. Jason Woodcock

    UK DJI XT Camera release date!

    Evening all from sunny UK !!! I have been emailing, scouring the internet for information about the potential release date for the XT Camera. I eventually got some info from DJI! Don't get too exited! see attachment If anyone has any further info this would be greatly appreciated! Fly Safe
  12. T

    3 must-have lenses for commercial work?

    What do you propose? Price also is important :(
  13. doctordrone

    X5 Auto Exposure Flickering

    Just bought the Inspire Pro from Drones Plus Silicon Valley after owning and loving 2-P3P's and a P2V+. Great bird to fly, but I was disappointed with the Auto Exposure mode on the X5. It doesn't have a smooth transition when the exposure changes. It jumps, almost flickers. We did some tests...
  14. dopeytree

    Autumn colour with the 15mm

    Flying over my local woodland for some autumn colour. DJI Inspire Pro with X5 & 15mm Lens Shot in 4k 24p 50 shutter f8 aperture Iso 100 Edited in Final Cut X & 1.75 sharpening added. Little exposure correction. Music: Autumn Sunset by Audionautix (youtube free audio) Personally starting to...
  15. J

    Matrice 100 Guidance Performance

    Guys, I was just about to go ahead and put in a purchase order for the Matrice 100 Guidance. I'm trying to do some indoor imaging where I'd prefer to have the stereoscopic/ultrasonic sensors around so I don't hit a wall or anything. Has anyone purchased Guidance yet? What's been your experience...