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Mountain Terrain - Freezing Pops - Not Enough Force/ESC Error

Apr 22, 2016
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Recently we flew in a mountain terrain, close to a peak and I've got this error multiple times. All 3 flights took off from about 1600 MSL and we've got this error multiple times on the last flight.

First time we went up toward the peak and raised the drone to about 200m (following the terrain elevation we were about 100m above the ground), battery temp at the time was around 19-20C ang going up. Air temperature at ground level was 4.6C and the dew point was +0.2C, wind was 8km/h and gusts up to about 20km/h. After smoothly applying almost full forward the log shows: Not Enough Force/ESC Error - repeated 43 times. There was no error message in DJI GO, we see those errors as a post factum while analyzing how the flights went that day. We have continued climbing up to 500m and a little before reaching that altitude is the second time with this error in the log, this time it's repeated only 14 times. We landed at 24% battery and the flight had the similar to the previous flight's time for this payload so we didn't noticed any issues overal.

Having the conditions of those flights I suspect that ice on the props caused this error. I see other guys reporting this error in fog/cold conditions, some resulting in a crash. What do you guys think about, is it ice on the props?

Is there a way to tell DJI GO to show those errors and warnings, seeing them later in the log isn't very practical?

I was with standard props at the time but is it better to fly with the High Altitude Props in those conditions?

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