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M300 Live video choppy

Jun 30, 2021
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We purchsed an M300 RTK and the plan was to use the live video, off the HDMI of the controller to broadcast.
The live video is choppy, and not useable for broadcast at all though.
DJI support confirmed the issue exists. But they have said they will not be fix it.
Does anyone have ideas of what could be done as work arounds?

We need the clean video, without the telemetry data.
Video recorded to the SD card is perfect. It's only the video comming off the HDMI port of the controller.
The RTMP video has the same choppy/sudder when live.
The HDMI output with Telemetry is better, but does have the odd hiccup.
The clear camera view is the one that's too jittery.
We also have multiple Mavic2 Pro's and the output from their smart controllers is perfectly fine - So we know smooth video is possible.
Have tried the 2 resoluctions available to us in the controller, no help there.

The DJI R&D team CAN replicate the problem! I'm VERY disapointed that DJI is not willing to support their own product, but we need a way to get live video that is smooth 100% of the time. My hope is maybe someone else has had this and found a work around.

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