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zenmuse xt

  1. J

    XT Compatability

    I recently posted a coment in the Osmo thread about this but since it's pertinent I'll drop a line here as well. After talking to DJI and FLIR it seems that the Zenmuse XT is only compatible with the Inspire 1 and Matrice 100. Nothing else. I tried prying for information as to why this decision...
  2. R

    Inspections, mapping - 9mm or 13mm lens?

    Hi guys, Im going to buy XT 640 Radiometric 30 HZ. The main purpose will be inspections for PV panels, powerlines etc. (can´t wait to try it with the new M200 btw). Normally I would probably go with 13 mm lens as kind of "do it all". But as I learned that mapping is sort of tricky with XT due...
  3. G

    Zenmuse XT Flir Light Sensitivity?

    Hello... We have been using a Zenmuse XT flir camera on a Matrice 100. I've been told that the lens/sensor on the camera cannot be exposed to direct white, florescent or sunlight when it is off or on as it will damage the sensor. Is this true? Thanks for your help!
  4. 3

    ZENMUSE XT VS Flir Duo-R

    Hi I'm new to the thermal camera world and looking to get some opinions. In December I purchased an Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera-336/30HZ/9mm for my inspire 1. Haven't had a whole lot of time to really see what my camera can do but so far its been pretty cool. Today however I saw that Flir debuted...
  5. D

    DJI XT Rental Help!

    Does anyone have any links or places to rent the XT from? I have found places that rent the 336 × 256. I need the 640 × 512. Thanks! US based companies only-
  6. RolandRSA

    Zenmuse XT on Inspire 1

    Hi All, Not sure if there is already a thread on this but i just want to find out if anyone has a Zenmuse XT and their thoughts on it? I have been approached to do solar inspection of a solar farm which has 250 000 panels. Will the Inspire and XT be able to handle it? I intend doing test...