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xt thermal imaging camera

  1. I

    FOR SALE: FLIR Aerial IR 13 mm (30 Hz, 336 x 256 px)

    I have a FLIR Aerial IR Gimbal 13 mm (30 Hz, 336 x 256 px) XT Camera that has been used maybe 3 times. Works perfectly fine and will upload a video upon request. Bought brand new for $6,500 and will sell it for $5,000 or best offer. Selling it because I mainly use a 640 and bought and xt2.
  2. Jason Woodcock

    XT Camera not recording to SD card !! Arghhhhhhhh!

    Good Morning All (Dependant on where you are!) I have had the Thermal XT 19mm 646/512 since it was released and have used it for SAR and TV work. Never had any issues until today! I am able to record and take images BUT these are only recorded on the app and are not recording on the SD card...
  3. J

    XT Compatability

    I recently posted a coment in the Osmo thread about this but since it's pertinent I'll drop a line here as well. After talking to DJI and FLIR it seems that the Zenmuse XT is only compatible with the Inspire 1 and Matrice 100. Nothing else. I tried prying for information as to why this decision...