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x5 gimbal

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    Replacing X5 Gimbal Ribbon Cable

    Hello Friends I am having issues that others on here have had with my X5 gimbal ribbon cable. The design of the gimbal case lead to wearing of the gimbal cable to the point of failure. I have found the part online and I did a rough disassemble of the ribbon cable to see if I could replace...
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    X5 gimbal maximum lens load capacity?

    Has anyone tried a micro 4/3 lens other than the recommended list from DJI? I'm wanting to switch from a custom drone set-up to the Inspire 1 v2.0 but have a few more questions. Currently I use a Panasonic G Vario 12-60mm lens (mf# H-FS12060) on a GH4 because it has super fast focusing and...