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  1. R

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE…TB48S batteries, TB47S batteries, new Hex Parallel Multicharger, Pelican Air case, $950 or best offer

    Hi, available for sale; Sixteen TB48S batteries, Three TB47S batteries, a brand new Hex multicharger, and Pelican Air carryon size case with foam inserts for all items. Batteries show remaining capacity of 75% to 100% based on DJI's single long press of battery button. The multicharger is...
  2. V

    M600 Battery Travel Cases, Hex Chargers, TB47S and/or TB48S batteries( low cycles) - Northern CA/SF Bay

    For Sale Location: Ukiah California. I prefer to sell to customer in SF Bay or Northern California so I can deliver or have you pick up. I have 3 DJI M600 Battery Travel cases. Each case loaded with 2 hex chargers and 18 batteries. One case has a mix of TB47S and TB48S batteries. All batteries...