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    Recording on SSD forces Log profile onto Micro SD

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and couldn't find anything related to this issue. When I turn SSD on to record in Pro Res I'm finding that my 4K backup on the Micro SD card automatically forces the recording style to LOG. I like to record in D-Cinelike on the Micro SD with custom settings and can't find a...
  2. M

    Inspire 5R question about SSD and clients

    Hey guys and gals, I was planning on purchasing a new Inspire Pro with the Zenmuse x5R camera for a few upcoming projects. However, I was just wondering how is everybody handling getting the raw footage to clients after a shoot? My understanding is that you can only download the footage into...
  3. W

    Emergency - X5R SSD required 4th October

    Hi All Some friends of mine have a shoot on tomorrow, in Cornwall, and their SSD is in the hands of Royal Mail and nowhere to be seen. If anyone is interested in renting out their SSD to these guys, who are a 100% pro filming company, can you let me know asap. Many thanks!
  4. A

    X5R SSD error

    Hi guys I just flew two quick flights this morning. I formatted both the micro SD and the SSD before take off. Both went well, however when I landed and looked at the footage the second flight didn't capture anything. I had a bit of trouble getting the SSD to mount on my Mac and in Cinelight...