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  1. R

    matrice 300 rtk no controller

    Hi, so i have a Matrice 300 rtk. It's just sitting here because i don't have the controller. I got this from an individual who owed me money, and this was the only form of payment I was able to get. I want to fly but I think it's too much drone for me. I'm planning on selling it and getting a...
  2. T

    Setting up Network RTK

    So I have watched the tutorial from DJI to setup RTK "custom network" but the missing link is identifying a service provider in North America. Contacted DJI directly but they said the service is only available in China. Has anyone used RTK without a base station via "custom network"? Thanks.
  3. D

    timestamp export file

    hi, I need the gimbal information and rtk data to calculate camera positions. I exported the timestamp file of the matrice 300 but can't seem to find any information on the attributes shown in the txt file. could anyone help me with that? thanks in advance Daan
  4. B

    Matrice 210 RTK compatible with RTK mobile station?

    The phantom 4 is now available with RTK and compatible with the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station from Dji. D-RTK mobile station A great deal but what advantages has the M210 RTK got in compare and especially is the M210 RTK compatible with the D-RTK mobile station? On the website of the mobile station it...
  5. simon@DEF

    RTK or PPK on Inspire?

    Has anyone managed to integrate a RTK or PPK system successfully with an Inspire (pro)? I'm looking for factual data on this. Extremely large photogrammetry job and looking to reduce the number of GCPs.