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roof survey

  1. BMCG

    UK PfCO Pilot Required UK (london area)

    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all... I'm looking a qualified PfCO pilot based in the London area. I have a large roof surveying project on a massive site in Herfordshire, north of London. I have an Inspire1 V2 with x3 for use... I'm awaiting my practical exam for the above to be completed...
  2. D

    Roof Inspection

    Hi Everyone, To you commercial users, please see attached a picture of a roof (outlined) that I will be doing an inspection on. Can you please give your opinion on how you would tackle this job? The client wants video and is looking for rust and damage. If you know of a better way beside...
  3. I

    UK PFAW/PfCO Inspire Pilots Required

    Good evening everyone we are a company based in South Yorkshire and we are looking for inspire pilots preferably with Z3 cameras to undergo roof surveys throughout the UK the requirement is on behalf of major insurance companies so bulk work would be assigned. There is no editing or reports...