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  1. C

    UK 2019 PFCO Renewal - Major Differences?

    Hi everyone, My PFCO is up for renewal in March and I want to get ahead of the game with my renewal this year. Am I correct in saying that the big changes in the UK will be coming later this year and for now I really just need to update the Cap issue number and a few minor changes? Thanks
  2. I

    UK Renewal Due CAA Drone/UAS PfCO? Read First.

    If you are renewing PfCO, CAA is now on line..some important updates you need to do after 30/7/2018 to avoid rejection. Renewing your CAA UAV Drone PfCO? Read this first. - ikopta
  3. Simon Mallin

    UK ANO 2016 v PFAW/PFCO

    I've been studying the UK CAA consultation document for the safe use of drones which prompted me to once again check the regulations set out in ANO 2016 parts 94 & 95. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that on some counts the regulations are less strict when hobby flying sub 7kg drones...
  4. Scotflieger

    UK CAP 1361 UAV Operators List

    Has anyone else noted that the CAA has not updated CAP 1361 List of UAV Operators since 19 Aug 16 (Ver 18). This means that many renewed and new PfCO users are not centrally listed including myself. Is this an oversight or has the information been moved?