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olympus 12mm

  1. A

    Differences in focusing between Stills and Video? Olympus 12mm

    Hi All, Just back from a practice flight on a nice sunny day. As a pro-photographer, but newbie pilot, I was excited to see what the video and stills looked like with good light. Having been impressed with the sharpness of the 12mm Olympus on the X5S at the wider apertures on murky days, I was...
  2. druiser

    2 days with the Olympus 12mm & 45mm

    Here's a short test video after a few days with the X5. I've analyzed the footage to the max and would like another set of eyes to look at it! I have mixed feelings about the results thus far... Some shots look sharp while others look "soft". Overall, the photo's (JPEG and RAW) from the X5 are...
  3. fly8086

    DJI 15mm and Olympus 12mm

    I bought Olympus 12mm and flew few times. It is really nice. Especially the wide angle makes me feel better :) Being a camera noob, I just feel like 12mm is better than 15mm in every point of view. Here is a question for you guys who has both of them like me, when do you mount 15mm then?