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  1. Elevated Vision

    DJI Matrice 600 Pro D-RTK For Sale

    I have a like new Matrice 600 Pro D-RTK for sale it comes with a ton of extras. in th pictures I have a screen shot of what im selling. Im also selling the RoninMX gimbal and a Focus wheel (brand new) never used with case also comes with parachute system Parazero... Here are some pics of...
  2. Z

    Android DJI Pilot & Matrice 600

    Hello everyone, anyone having problems connecting to the Matrice 600/ 600 Pro with the android DJI Pilot? I have a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with the software and app updated to the latest version. The Pilot could not detect my drone. I believe the 600 was added to the Pilot. Please let me know if you...