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  1. B

    Matrice M30T landing inaccuracy

    Hello all, Within the last 6 months I have upgraded from a M2EA and now own a new Matrice M30T. My biggest gripe is the auto landing inaccuracy of the M30T. The take off and landing is always done from a large 110cm landing mat and the drone can have a landing inaccuracy anywhere from 1 meter...
  2. P

    M30T activation error

    I buy new M30T. When tried to activate it says server error. Contact dji support. Tried contacting them but no use. Tried different accounts and different internet connection and different devices but all fail. Assistant2 aint loading firmware. Just looking to get it in air. Please help
  3. GsquaredAerials

    Question about Flight Hub 2 mission settings

    I just planned a mission for a test with my M30T. I used Flight Hub 2 online to create the mission and then opened it up on the controller. The colored rows on the field only showed up inside the controller and not in Flight Hub. I'm assuming the legend is displaying MSL in meters which is...
  4. 9

    Real world range test on DJI M30T

    Hi everyone, I would like to find if there is someone in this forum which did a real world range test on the Dji M30T. I know it is a very expensive drone so I would also not do it if I own one but it would be interesting.
  5. C

    M30T orthomosaics

    Hi, I need to create orthomosaics for the purpose of counting marine turtle tracks. I've read that the M30T isn't really a mapping drone, but i'm attracted to the IP rating as I live in a remote, rugged area. All software i've looked at doesn't support the M30T. Does anyone know of software that...