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  1. M

    Matrice 200 V1 $1000

    I have a very nice M200V1 for sale. No batteries are included. I do have TB 50 batteries and various cameras for sale separetely. Includes: - original case - M200 aircraft - One set of blades - 180 watt slimline charger - round four port charging hub - controller
  2. M

    Using TB55 batteries as a power bank

    Hi! I have a lot of TB55 batteries just laying around as the M210 does not see much use these days. Is there a dongle or something to use TB55 (and/or TB50) as a power bank? Ideally I would like a usb-c pd outlet from the battery to supply laptops and a Mavic 3 charger on the go. Mavic 2 used...
  3. Keule

    FLIR XT2

    DJI announced today a new thermal gimbal / camera for the M200 series - the FLIR XT2. DJI Zenmuse XT2 - Dual Sensor Thermal Imaging Solution
  4. Gregg Smith

    M600 Pro or M-210

    Looking at moving from a more Film / TV service provider to an Industrial service provider doing tower inspections, utility line inspections, pipeline inspections, Search & Rescue, etc... I'm wondering if I should get the new M-210 or go with a M-600 Pro. I like the extra level of...