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m100 gimbal

  1. goldeneagler1

    X3 no image transmission signal

    Hey y'all, I've seen a couple of posts similar to mine that ultimately end up with sending the drone and the gimbal to DJI repair, but I just want to exhaust all my options before doing so. I have a post over at forum.dji.com, but these forums look a little more active and helpful, so apologoies...
  2. G

    M100 Gimbal with Tau 2 FLIR camera/controller issue

    Hi everyone, Next week I'll be joining a conservation ship that is using a Matrice 100 with a Tau 2 FLIR camera. Apparently it has an issue they have not been able to resolve. Here is a quote from the last drone operator to fly it: "A lot has happened in the past year of UAV technology and...