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lens flare

  1. N

    X5s ugly grid lens flare when shooting into sun

    When shooting my x5s into the sun I have been noticing this unacceptable grid in my shots that makes them unusable. My settings have been shooting 25mm lens (happens with all lenses), raw, rec709, 5.2k and 4k. Has anyone encountered this problem or is it just my camera sensor and I should reach...
  2. K

    Flower Lens Hood for X5/X5S Compatible Lenses

    Has anyone made use of flower shaped lens hoods on any of the compatible lenses? I'm specifically chasing one for the stock DJI 15mm lens to combat unwanted lens flare. I've ordered a 46mm thread flower lens off eBay but it will take a while to get here, so I thought I'd see if anyone had...