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  1. SilkyMilky

    USA LAANC Authorizations in Active Regions

    Greetings, Has anyone used AirMap, Kittyhawk, etc to receive clearance to fly in a restricted airspace under the new LAANC program? It doesn't become active in my region until later this summer, so I was curious to get some feedback on it. Is it as easy as it's played up to be on the...
  2. Zach Zach


    Please "Yelp" your favorite or least favorite LAANC service suppliers. As far as I know, they're Airmap, Project Wing, and Skyward.
  3. FlyaDrone

    USA Flying Class B,C,D,E without Authorization or Waiver?

    Here is a nice discussion on what havoc is being wreaked in the fight to control UAS airspace here in the US. Be sure to read the short list of comments, below and associated with this article. With LAANC being rolled out there are many problems associated with accurate information and the...