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  1. FightersWeekly

    USA Does this video from my Inspire 1 have too much jello in it to use commercially?

    Hey all, I bought my inspire one second hand, and the owner took really good care of it. However, I did notice the one problem was that the camera produced a little jello when i flew it. Not much, only noticeable on a High Res monitor, but having two phantoms I had bought before, I have...
  2. AerialMediaX

    How Large of a Photo can I print using Raw Setting with the X5?

    I cant find the exact limit on how large of a print I can make with great quality and low noise from the X5. Whats the largest size? Does anyone know?
  3. Jaybee

    X5 Timelapse Specification

    It seems the timelapse spec for the X5 and X5R has changed recently. It used to state 3/5/7/10/20/30/60 now the 3 second value has been omitted Zenmuse X5’s specifications Any ideas as to what possible reason this has been removed? I cannot understand why the X5 is incapable of shorter...