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  1. D

    Roof Inspection

    Hi Everyone, To you commercial users, please see attached a picture of a roof (outlined) that I will be doing an inspection on. Can you please give your opinion on how you would tackle this job? The client wants video and is looking for rust and damage. If you know of a better way beside...
  2. C

    USA Workers Comp savings with drone use

    I subscribe to this blog. Thought this would be interesting to this group. I have only done photo/video work so far but would like to get my foot in the door with inspection work. Any resources or advise on where to start? Thanks. Drones cutting occupational accidents - Managed Care Matters
  3. D

    X5 HF prime lenses vs Zoom lens for Inspections

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and just learning. I'm going to be buying a drone soon for some inspection work on roofs and towers. I hear that using a zoom lens with an X5 while filming will be shaky because of the low bit rate (a product I don't want to deliver to a client). My question is, can...
  4. b2photollc

    Matrice 600 vs Inspire 1 Pro/Raw Industrial Use

    I recently got asked about doing inspections of light posts near highway interchanges for an engineering company. They want to start using drones instead of cherry pickers to do inspections. Currently I have a P3 but looking to upgrade as this is a fairly large contract and has potential for...
  5. P

    Bridge Inspection

    filmed in one take with a Phantom 3