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  1. R

    matrice 300 rtk no controller

    Hi, so i have a Matrice 300 rtk. It's just sitting here because i don't have the controller. I got this from an individual who owed me money, and this was the only form of payment I was able to get. I want to fly but I think it's too much drone for me. I'm planning on selling it and getting a...
  2. Florida Drone Supply

    Florida Drone Supply

    Hello, I am Mike den Hartog, I am just one of the team members here at Florida Drone Supply where we have grown and expanded with the Forums over the years, and happy to be forum partners. Helping pilots with equipment, safety, and flight. We are all pilots here at FDS, both selling and using...
  3. FightersWeekly

    USA Does this video from my Inspire 1 have too much jello in it to use commercially?

    Hey all, I bought my inspire one second hand, and the owner took really good care of it. However, I did notice the one problem was that the camera produced a little jello when i flew it. Not much, only noticeable on a High Res monitor, but having two phantoms I had bought before, I have...
  4. FranMan

    PLEASE HELP!!! Inspire 1 X5 horrible vibrations (URGENT!!!)

    I have recently been having some issues with my X5 Camera on my Inspire 1. It has this horrible vibration that won't go away no matter what I do unless I firmly hold camera, then the vibration goes away. The weird thing is, that the issue does not occur on the Osmo whatsoever... I've tried using...
  5. T

    X5 No Signal error help please!

    Hi! Newbie here (to inspires). Ok I've got an odd situation. Got my inspire pro used as a gift about 6 weeks ago. It's been perfect until I did the most recent firmware update (abt 2 weeks ago) with success and did all 4 of my batteries. A few days later I got a no signal error after several...