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for sale

  1. E

    DJI Matrice 30 Combo for sale

    The DJI Matrice 30 is a compact and versatile commercial drone designed for a variety of operational needs. It features a high-quality sensor payload, including a wide-angle camera, zoom camera, and laser rangefinder, offering superior image capture capabilities. The drone is equipped with the...
  2. M

    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Zenmuse X3 With DJI Guidance

    DJI Matrice 100 Full Setup Has Zemuse X3, DJI Guidance Obstacle Avoidance, and 4 Batteries Comes with: 1x Matrice 100 (V2 model with updated frame) 1x DJI Lightbridge Remote (Inspire 1/Matrice 100 Version) 1x Zemuse X3 Gimbal Camera (12MP 4K camera) 1x DJI Guidance Unit (obstacle...
  3. TAMedia

    Looking to buy M600 Pro

    Hello, I'm looking to buy an M600 Pro if anyone knows of any for sale. Preferably in the USA. Thanks
  4. I

    Matrice M600 for sale

    Hey guys, Our company bought two of these so we would have a backup in case we needed it, but we've decided to part ways with the second system that was never built. There's a lot of accessories and a case included, so please feel free to have a look if you're interested. Brand New - DJI M600...