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  1. J

    X5R camera movement sticking on pans

    Hi Gang, New problem with the Inspire X5R. we are doing testing today because we have not flown in a month. Went to turn the gimbal and every 45 degrees or so it sticks making the footage not smooth in it's movements. It sticks over and over. I disconnect the camera and reinstall it to the...
  2. S

    Super noisy D-Log after v1.4.0.70 update?

    I shot a beautiful sunset tonight and after reviewing the footage I am quite disappointed. The footage is very noise, even though I was ETTR (Exposing To The Right). The footage is much sharper than before but it honestly looks like garbage. I really worry now that this won't be usable unless...
  3. T

    X5 Sample Footage

    Hello to all, could someone tell me where can I download a video shot with X5. I'm looking for the original video, not the compressed youtube or vimeo. I tried searching but could not find anything. Can anyone help me? It would help a video where there is a lot of detail, so the vegetation...