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  1. Kestrel

    Latest FAA roadmap. May be interesting to you?

    Thought this might interest some members here. Hot off the presses.
  2. William Gaddy

    USA Oh God No... White House to Test Federal-Local Sharing of Drone Regulation

    Administration plans to establish test sites for promoting commercial-drone use by dividing oversight What could POSSIBLY go wrong, here (paywall): https://www.wsj.com/articles/white-house-to-test-federal-local-sharing-of-drone-regulat
  3. Force Aerial

    USA I got caught between needing a sport pilot license and 107

    Get a sport pilots license or wait for the FAA? This was the big question about two years ago when we decided to take the leap to establish Force Aerial. I decided to go for the pilots license. If I could get my airman certificate before the FAA came up with a more streamlined approach to the...
  4. M

    USA #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator

    In case any of you missed it.. There was an FAA Press Conference today at CES in Las Vegas with the FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. They have posted a video on the FAA facebook site. Thought you might enjoy. #CES2017 press conference with FAA Administrator Michael Huerta 需要安全验证
  5. M

    USA Change in FAA practice re: flying in Class D airspace for 333 exemption holders?

    I just got some really bad news for all of us from the chief of a local air traffic control tower. He said that FAA has just issued a clarification to all air traffic control towers that prohibits all operations within Class D airspace (i.e. within 5 miles of an airport with an operating control...