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dji x5

  1. L

    Cant lock SD card in my Zenmuse X5 :(

    The SD card wont stay down in my X5 cam... any sugestions to it ??
  2. dopeytree

    X5 iso test 100 - 25600

    Shot these today nothing too technical but it's fairly low light in my lounge. Images are 100% crop from center. Exported in lightroom. Lightroom defaults 25 colour noise reduction but 0 luminence noise reduction. These results are pretty impressive. Looks good in video too! I'll try out some...
  3. ph_intheair

    DJI Inspire 1 Micro Four Thirds Reel Video

    Had a chance to work with the new micro four thirds camera last month to contribute some shots to the release video. We put together a 4k edit of our favourite shots from our backyard in Squamish, BC - Only had a few days with it and I can't wait to get it back in the air. Enjoy!