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crystal sky

  1. K

    DJI MATRICE 210 v2 + MicaSense MX + DJI X4S - $10,500 OBO

    DJI M210 v2, Crystal Sky Controller, MicaSense MX, DLS2 Antenna, DJI Skyport Mount,DJI X4S, Reflectance Panel, 2 sets TB55 batteries, 2 sets WB37 batteries, 2 sets propellers, 180 Amp charger w/4 battery hub, GPC Case (not photographed) Located in Portland, OR USA Buyer pays shipping. PayPal...
  2. S

    Autopilot softwares that work in Crystal Sky

    Hello, I just purchased a DJI Matrice 210 with Crystal Sky. What autopilot softwares are available that work on Crystal sky? I am new to this but doesn't DJI doesn't have its own autopilot app that works on crystal sky? Please advice. Thanks