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  1. We Talk UAV

    You Mean 3DR is Back with a Pro Drone?

    Just when you think 3DR is licking its wounds from a Solo disaster, the company bounces back with a Sony camera no less. Certain admirers of the Solo may be upset but it is a wise move for the company. With the drone industry charting into uncertain waters, Yuneec, 3DR and Go Pro have all had...
  2. D

    Mapping Accuracy with IP

    Hi Everyone, I have an Inspire Pro and have some drone mapping questions, if you wouldn't mind answering. 1) If I were to map out an area with my IP, what would the accuracy be within (without GC or RTK)? 2) Would flying lower or higher improve measurement accuracy? 3) Would different focal...
  3. D

    X5 HF prime lenses vs Zoom lens for Inspections

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and just learning. I'm going to be buying a drone soon for some inspection work on roofs and towers. I hear that using a zoom lens with an X5 while filming will be shaky because of the low bit rate (a product I don't want to deliver to a client). My question is, can...