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commercial operation

  1. L

    Flight Logbook, what to use?

    Good evening everyone, Hopefully the cold weather hasn't held too many of us up too much. And thanks again for those who posted advice regarding battery depletion. I have been a commercial UAV pilot for 18 months now and have been using a standard notebook for a flight time logbook (I did use...
  2. Ollie360

    UK RPA Observers Required - London & Southern England

    Hi everyone, I'm an RPQ-s qualified UAV pilot, flying an Inspire 1, and together with my business partner we've set up a company in order to carry out our aerial work. Our application for a PfaW has been sent to the CAA by our NQE, which we hope to receive in a few weeks. We are now looking...
  3. Scotflieger

    UK New Air Navigation Order 2016

    The new UK Air Navigation Order (ANO) 2016 comes into effect on 25 Aug 16. A Information Notice (2016-073) advises of changes affecting Small Unmanned Aircraft operators. Most are reference changes but there is a change to the definition of Aerial Work renamed Commercial Operation. The key paras...