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apple pro res

  1. T

    File sizes of the X7 Apple Pro Res and CinemaDNG recording

    Can anyone provide me with the actual file sizes that the X7 shoots in Apple Pro Res and CinemaDNG for a recording time of 20 mins? Is the CinemaDNG files bigger then a RED Epic 4k for the same amount of record time? I'm sure the info is out there, but I'm having trouble finding it... thanks...
  2. AerialMediaPros

    Zenmuse X7: New 6K Super 35mm Cinema Camera! PREORDER

    DJI just announced their new Zenmuse X7, pre-order it first. This camera is DJI's first 6K, Super 35mm camera that is built for the Inspire 2! There is a possibility the Zenmuse X7 may make an appearance at the Grand Opening event of DJI Store Orange County, Saturday October 21st. Update from...