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  1. V

    Micasense Red Edge MX

    Like new, purchased new and used for probably less than 300 ac. total. Comes with reflectance panel and high capacity card. Worked great for us. $4000
  2. Brandon

    Drones for Ag Discussion on CommercialDronePilots

    Hey all. We've launched a new forum dedicated to commercial drone applications. Join the ag discussion with drone pilots using all kinds of drone platforms here: Commercial Drone Pilots Forum
  3. S


    Hello, I am from New Zealand and trying to understand how drones are used in Agriculture. If any ranchers from the USA have 2 minutes to spare to complete a survey for me i would be most appreciative. Tot-up questions Survey Thank you.
  4. dev_willis

    Is anyone using drones to spray?

    Hi! I'm very interested in the idea of using drones, like the DJI Agras models, to spray crops, trees, turf or even lawns. Is anyone currently doing this kind of work? What hardware and software do you use? How reliable is it?