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  1. AerialFilmsCO

    USA 333 Operators vs Unauthorized Commercial Operators

    As a 333 commercial drone operator, how do we compete against the constant onslaught of new amateur unregistered pilots that are driving down the already slim profit margins? I am completely for capitalism and everything but at some point we have to be able to protect our investments, as well as...
  2. Flewent

    USA Info on 333 Motion Picture manual

    I am in the process of filing my 333 exemption and was told to be covered under the closed set filming/motion picture aspect I would need a Motion Picture & Television Operating Manual (MPTOM). I was passed to another service who was charging $500 for this manual that I would assume is already...
  3. Cole Slaw

    Help understanding current status of my exemption

    Hey forum peeps! So I submitted my exemption request for section 333 on 8/24/2015. I just searched today and it looks like the request has been posted but is still pending. However I am not 100% sure on that. After its posted like it is below, I still have to wait for them to make a...