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333 exemption

  1. G

    USA Still Confused

    I am still a bit confused. I want to fly my drone for farmers and realtors. I went on the FFA site and found that I can get a commercial license for my business to fly a drone. If I buy this license do I still need a 333 exemption? If I have a private single engine pilots license will I still...
  2. D

    USA Certified Pilot Needed Part-Time Las Vegas

    Hello, We just got our Section 333 exemption and are looking for someone with a minimum of a sport pilot certificate to fly for us part time. We have a DJI Inspire 1 and will be flying it for the purpose of aerial photo & video. Please PM any certifications and availability. Thanks, David
  3. licensed pilot


    TO 333 HOLDERS: Has any one here ever managed to obtain an FAA COA for a night flight? Just checking...
  4. J

    USA §333 Process - After/During Comment Period

    There are plenty of threads on "delays to initial posting" and §333 exemption request content, syntax and requirements. Curious as to recent personal experience regarding timelines after open comment posting. Based on my recent database surveying, it's looking like about 90-days after initial...
  5. M

    USA Change in FAA practice re: flying in Class D airspace for 333 exemption holders?

    I just got some really bad news for all of us from the chief of a local air traffic control tower. He said that FAA has just issued a clarification to all air traffic control towers that prohibits all operations within Class D airspace (i.e. within 5 miles of an airport with an operating control...